Is She Having a Girl’s Night Out?

When you’re out at the bar and you see a hot woman of course you’re going to want to hit on her. Hello, she’s hot and at the bar. But that doesn’t mean that she’s out looking to get lucky. She might be having a girl’s night. Girl’s night at the bars entirely eliminates the option of having sex. When they’re all getting ready before hand they’re looking to dance, flirt, and drink, but are swearing off any other male interaction for the night. If you don’t want to get blindsided by her night out, then look for these signs. Closed Body Language When a woman wants a guy to approach her she’ll smile and sit with an open stance at the bar. Open shoulders, eye contact, and open space around them mean that you would be welcome to step up and buy her a drink. But a pack of women crowded together while chatting away is completely shut off to a guy. They’re clearly interested in conversation and won’t stand you being there. So keep an eye on how her body is interacting with her friends. The pack vibe is a killer too. In nature packs protect their own, so if she’s on the outside and you’re trying to…

Five Ways to Boost Your Confidence for a First Date

Nerves before a first date are the worst things in the dating world. If you can get through these you can handle anything the relationship might have to throw at you. So instead of stumbling awkwardly through your first date because you’re so nervous, take control. Boost your confidence and be surprised at how easy dating becomes. Watch a Comedy Watch an episode of your favorite comedy before you go out. Laughter boosts the feel good chemicals in your brain, and listening to funny language patterns preps you for a night of wit. Keep things light and funny. Your practice by watching a comedy will keep the jokes flowing all night long. Take Special Care with Hygiene If you have appearance or hygiene centered nerves, fight them with logic. If you’re always afraid that you’re sweating through your deodorant, take extra care when you put it on. Shower right before your date, and inspect your teeth in the mirror before you step out the door. That way, when nerves come up that say you smell bad you can remember all the care you took for this not to be the case. Then you can tell those worries to take a hike. Let Someone Else Choose Your Outfit If you don’t…

Cheap Dates That Won’t Make You Seem Cheap

Navigating the dangerous waters of dating can be difficult enough without having a limited budget. Especially when women always expect you to pay for them! It’s a crappy standard we men are forced to live with. The good news is if we have to pay for the dates, we also get to choose where the dates takes place. It’s important to come up with ideas that scream ‘romantic’ instead of ‘cheap’. Follow this guide for great ideas to impress both your lady and your wallet. Getting Active It’s important to think of your dates as things you do together and something you both should do anyway is exercise. Finding everyday activities you can do together keeps things more relaxed and casual between you and your lady. You can also help motivate one another, and if you want to keep things sexy you can have challenges with each other for sexual favors. While you might normally just go to the gym, try and find a local park or other place you could go for a hike, play sports, or just take a scenic walk. Most outdoor activities are held in public spaces that are free or at least budget friendly. Garden Party Get to know your flowers better and take your…

The Top 5 Fling Dating Sites

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Fling Dating Reviews

#1 Site: EroticAds
#2 Site: FuckBookNet
#3 Site: EstablishedMen
#4 Site: AdultFriendFinder
#5 Site: Xpress


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