Pro-Tip: Women Are People

We get that you know that women are people. The problem is that a lot of men get tunnel vision at times, and forget in a fleeting moment to acknowledge that. That’s where the problems in having a fling online come in, and that’s what we’re here to prevent.

You can’t slip up.

Women are smart. Women are going to know in a moment that you aren’t treating them like a human being, and that’s going to really piss them off and make them never sleep with you.

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Flings might be fun, but they also require one heck of a lot of respect. If you can’t give your lady the respect she deserves, then she’s just going to find someone differently.

This is something very important to remember when you’re figuring out how to have a fling in the UK. You really can’t slip up for a moment, and honestly, this should come naturally to you over time if it doesn’t already.

Being male doesn’t make you better.

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There are a ton of men out there that really, honestly think that they’re superior because they’re men. Newsflash: we’re not. We’re the same as all the ladies out there.

If you start putting yourself above women, you’re never going to get laid. You’ve got to treat them as your equal, even while you’re trying to spoil and pamper them. Let’s be honest, you want them to do the same to you, don’t you? This especially applies in the sack.

You can’t think about flings as a transaction, because that’s really going to make you start thinking of women as trophies to be won. They aren’t. They’re women that are fun to be with.

You have to get into the right mindset.

If you can just think about flings as something to enjoy with someone else, you’re going to be a lot better off. You’re going to actually be able to have a good time and not piss her off.

We’re going to be honest with you: if you make her mad once, she’s probably never going to look twice at you. These women know they can get another man, and one that’s going to treat them right.

This is why it’s so important to just treat her as another human being, and really focus on interests that you share rather than sex right off the bat. That’s going to change a lot of the dynamic for sure.

Don’t think of her as a sex toy.

Yes, you’re both there for sex. Yes, you both want to have fun. That doesn’t mean she’s obligated to do anything for you, just like you aren’t obligated to do anything for her.

If it’s your kink to have a living sex toy, then by all means, discuss that with her. But as a person, you really can’t treat her like that, and that’s something that you always need to remember.

Whatever you do, just go into your flings like you want to have fun…not like you want to use her and toss her to the curb. Even if flings are fleeting things, they’re supposed to be fun.

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