Fling Protocols: the DL

Here’s the thing: flings are a ton of fun, but there’s no use being a chatterbox about them. If you’re going to have a fling in the UK, it’s a good idea to keep your mouth shut about.

Don’t kiss and tell.

While you can sit and enjoy having a fling online, you really don’t need to run your mouth about it. The reason for this is hey, if you have one hell of a wild fling, you never know if that person you ended up with is one of your friend’s little sister.

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Obviously, that’s not always going to be the case, but for the most part, women aren’t going to enjoy being talked about extensively by you and your bros. They don’t want that kind of ‘publicity.’

With that in mind, it’s important just to keep it on the ‘down low’, so to speak, and to really watch who you talk to about your flings. We’re not saying you have to always keep your mouth shut–just that you need to really watch yourself, and not tell everyone you know.

Don’t talk about your other flings to other women, obviously.

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Shockingly, a lot of men seem to think it’s okay to keep talking about their other dates with the other women they’re with. If you ever want to really piss a woman off, this will do it.

While most ladies that are into flings know that they aren’t the only woman, that doesn’t mean that they want to hear about all the other women that are in your life.

You’d think that this would be common sense, but…for some reason, a lot of men seem to think this is okay. It’s not, though. Don’t talk about other ladies when you’re on that special date.

You won’t impress her.

Alighting a jealous fire within her isn’t going to earn you any points. It’s just going to make her mad, and trust us, that’s not going to get you laid any faster than you normally would be.

If anything, the fact that she knows that you’re seeing multiple women is just going to turn her off. While some women might like the idea of it, most women aren’t.

This is why it’s better just to keep your mouth shut. Again, follow the down low rules. It’s going to make things much easier, and you’re not going to have to make excuses later.

Respect her boundaries, too.

If she doesn’t want you talking about that amazing sex you had with her last night, don’t. Privacy is a two-way street, and that’s something you and your fling both need to realize.

It’s going to do you both a lot of favors in the future to keep your mouths shut and to respect one another. Respecting those rules and boundaries is extremely important in flings.

That being said, you need to set those boundaries up in advance. Don’t expect her to keep her mouth shut if you never her ask her to, and of course, vice-versa applies.

Just use your best judgment.

Your best judgment is usually the right judgment when it comes to talking about your flings. If you think it’s okay, then do it, and if you don’t, then just keep quiet as per usual. Either way, just try to have fun!

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