Flings Aren’t Only for the Rich and Sexy

Learning how to have a fling in the UK doesn’t have to be a difficult task. It certainly isn’t rocket science, and that’s what our guide is setting out to teach you.

Flings are just supposed to be fun.

Flings take away the stress of every day life. That’s something you should always strive for when you’re trying to have a fling online, so keep the stress away with the help of our guide.

Many of our tactics are things you probably already know–these aren’t just for beginners! This is why we highly recommend reading the entire guide.

Everyone Can Have a Fling

The thing about flings is that they honestly work for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t movie star gorgeous--you can still have flings, and have a lot of them. We’re average looking men, after all!

Approaching Fling Culture

Fling culture has a world of its own, and it’s important to know the ins and outs before diving in. Fortunately, we’re experts on this, and really can help you cover the bases.

Pro-Tip: Women Are People

If you treat women like they’re people instead of personal sex toys, you’ll go a long way. You’d think this would be common sense, but shocking, it isn’t. We’re here to remedy that.

Winning Fling Sites

The right fling site is going to make a huge difference in how your fling turns out...or if it ever does at all. This is where our reviews come in and really guide you.

Pro-Tip: Be Demanding

If you really know what you want, you need to tell her. You don’t have to be a jerk about it, but being confident about your needs and wants in flings can go a long way.

Pro-Tip: Less Is More

It’s not all about being in her face 24/7. In fact, in the land of flings, less is usually more. We’ll show you why this is true, and why these tactics really work for us.

Admit Your Sexual Fantasies

If you’re open about your sexual fantasies, she’s going to be a lot more into you. That being said, there’s a way to tell her about them without sounding creepy.

Kink Flings vs. Casual Flings

Knowing the difference between kinky flings and casual flings is important, and can really steer you in the right direction of what you want. Knowing the difference will make you satisfied!

Switches Spice It Up

You don’t just have to stick to one woman. There are a ton of fish in the sea, and one of our favorite things to do is date several women. We’ve made it into an art, and we’ll show you how.

Spank Bank Toy Chests

The right toy box is going to make an incredible impression on your fling date. Keep that in mind, and make sure that you’re stocking it with the right things. By doing so, you’ll definitely see a difference.

Threesome Flings

Flings don’t just have to be you and her. There can be a third person in the equation, but it requires more planning and finesse. Keep that in mind, and you’ll see results.

Swinging or Flinging

There’s a difference between swings and flings and that’s something that you really need to know. Otherwise, you might find yourself in situations that you don’t enjoy as much.

Fling Protocols: the DL

Keeping your mouth shut about flings is one of the most important rules to follow. Keep that in mind, and you’ll definitely end up having flings that are a lot more fun.

Fling Protocols: Follow-Up

The follow-up to your flings is just as important as the flings themselves. If you keep that in mind, you’ll really be able to keep ladies interested for one hell of a lot longer.

Fling to Friends with Benefits

Yes, there’s a difference between being friends with benefits and just having a fun fling. Keep this in mind, or else you’ll end up in situations that you may or may not want.

The Top 5 Fling Dating Sites

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Fling Dating Reviews

#1 Site: EroticAds
#2 Site: FuckBookNet
#3 Site: EstablishedMen
#4 Site: AdultFriendFinder
#5 Site: Xpress


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