The Total Review: Why Is a Complete Fling Failure


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The admins on this site have long since left, which means that the scams here (and there are many) have total free reign. It's terribly unsafe, and not recommended.

Again, any site that has an ‘x’ in front of it makes us wary, and was no exception. We were right to be nervous, because during our xMatch review, all the demons of this site came out to play.

There are a lot of xMatch scams going on here. The moderators of this site have long left as well, which means that is incredibly unsafe. We really don’t recommend this site at all, if only because of all the scams that are climbing its walls.

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The Three Month Test: What Our Numbers Show

We ended up spending a total of three months on our xMatch review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 200 e-mails to ladies that we hoped weren’t just xMatch scams.

From those 200 e-mails, we only ended up with a total of 16 replies. This was pathetic, and considering none of those ladies wanted to actually meet us, a total waste of our time. Issues, Problems and Signs of Scams

The worst scams we found on this site were the ones that kept spamming our inboxes. They wanted our login information, and were posing as administrators. It goes without saying to never give out your information to people claiming to be admin, and by doing so, you’ll stay a lot safer.

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Don’t take your chances with safety on this site. Our reviews of fling dating sites will tell you the safest, most legit sites. in the News

There are a lot of great books on being a dominant or submissive, and this article helps you find them when falls short:

The End Result: Why Didn’t Measure Up for Flings

This site is nothing but one big scam after another, and that’s why we’ll absolutely never recommend to anyone that’s serious about having a fling.

Instead, we really recommend that you check out It’s easy to use and it really gets the job done. That’s why it’s our number one site; the results really don’t lie.

30 Responses to “The Total Review: Why Is a Complete Fling Failure”

  1. sucks so bad, oh my god. I can’t even write a coherent review of it because the site is so awful that it doesn’t deserve it. Not at all.

  2. I’d much rather waste my life away on comparison sites than spend one more minute on this one. I was so shocked at how bad it was, oh my god you don’t understand at all.

  3. This site is just a scam. I don’t know why anybody would sign up for it, but I’m just letting you guys know now that it’s awful. Don’t join it.

  4. Jerrold Geddinge is a legit site. I signed up and I have a profile. As to my opinions on whether or not the site is good, well, I don’t have any of those.

  5. Sunny Crow

    Someone told me that this site was going to be good. Uh, were they joking? This site is so shitty! I spent five minutes on here and had to leave!

  6. If you want to test out for yourself, then be my guest. I won’t be back to this site after the crap they pulled when I was a premium member last year.

  7. I’m going to give this site such a bad rating, oh my god. I’ve never hated a site so much in my life, and I have no idea how this site is still in business.

  8. Andre Morgan

    I want to shut down every review site from 2013. They’re all so biased and it’s obvious that other sites are paying them off to say things about the sites.

  9. I’ve used so many dating sites I’ve honestly lost count. I wonder what will be like – good and memorable or just another bad one to add to my list?

  10. Never again will I trust sites like this! I’m sick of dealing with scam after scam, and I’m just done! I hate this site and everyone on it, so goodbye!

  11. I read a review for before I joined that said it was one of the best hookup sites out there, but so far it just seems like a small, crappy little site.

  12. In comparison to what I’m used to, this site is a ghost town. Are there even any women on here at all? Seriously I don’t think there are any actual women on here.

  13. God, scam sites like this are so common these days that it isn’t even a surprise. I mean, I’m not happy about it, but I’m really not shocked at all.

  14. Kelley Fiscina

    I guess seems legit. If you pressed me for an opinion I don’t think I’d be able to give you one even then. I just don’t care about these things.

  15. Chaos Villain

    Good riddance to this piece of shit. I regret every moment I’ve ever spent on here, and I know for a fact that this site is just a scam now.

  16. Don’t test out You won’t get any results, but you might get your identity stolen or a virus on your computer that destroys your hard drive. It’s not worth it.

  17. Rating this site is easy. I’m just going to give it the lowest ranking possible on everything that I can, and I can move on with my life and hopefully get laid elsewhere.

  18. Glenn Jelliman

    I read a review from 2013 for this site and it said that the site was really good. That was probably the biggest lie I’ve ever read in my life.

  19. I don’t want dating to be an issue and so I’m going to sign up for to see how far that gets me in my hookup endeavors. Hopefully pretty far.

  20. InvaderInvader

    It just baffles me that sites like this are even still around. I mean, does anyone even join these kinds of sites? They’re all just fake and none of the women are real, it’s awful.

  21. Review at your own risk. The site is really well known for giving people viruses, and I don’t want to mess around with all that nonsense, so I won’t.

  22. God, I’d much rather be on a comparison site than mess around with this shit anymore. I’m so sick of fucking around on these sites and never even getting laid.

  23. Wilford Baldwin

    This site is a scam, and I can promise you that. I spend two whole years on there and didn’t talk to a single woman the whole damn time, seriously.

  24. Mathew Cribbs

    I think is legit but I haven’t used a lot of dating sites. Maybe there are worse ones, maybe therea re better ones out there. To be honest, I don’t know.

  25. This site was supposed to be good. My friends all promised me that this was going to be a great experience, but it’s just been crap. I’m giving up on it.

  26. I’m going to test out another site instead, because being on was a horrible experience. The women are so fake it’s not even funny, why did I even bother?

  27. I’m giving this site the worst rating possible on every review site I come across in the hopes that people take notice and get this site shut down. It deserves it.

  28. Shelton Coveney

    Don’t trust any review site that you see from 2013! The hookup sites just pay them off to write really biased articles! Trust comments like this instead of that crap!

  29. I think is an okay dating site. I don’t remember having a strong opinion on it because guys, it’s just a dating site. It’s not that important to life.

  30. I don’t know when sites like this are going to take a hint and realize that no one likes them because they don’t work for anyone. Maybe they never will.

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