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They've chased off all the real ladies with their male-geared advertisements. Now the only ones left are escorts, which won't do us any good.

We really didn’t like from the first moment we set eyes on it. It’s one of those sites that just sets our teeth on edge, and they stayed that way for the duration of our UpForIt review.

Most of that has to do with the fact that plasters boobs and butts everywhere. This kills any hope for an intimate atmosphere that women love, and just brings in UpForIt scams in the form of escorts instead.

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The Three Month Test: What Our Numbers Show

We ended up spending a total of three months on our UpForIt review, and during that time, we sent out 200 e-mails to women that we hoped weren’t just UpForIt scams.

From those 200 e-mails, only a total of 59 ladies actually e-mailed us. This was pathetic, and really made it clear how awful this site was in general. What a time waste. Issues, Problems and Signs of Scams

Considering no one actually wanted to go and have a fling with us, it’s pretty safe to say this site is void of ladies. Real ladies, we mean. There are escorts everywhere, but that’s not doing us any good. Skip this one, and you’ll be a lot happier.

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We’ve confirmed that these fling dating sites are totally legit and worth your time, unlike this site. in the News

Knowing what topping from the bottom is can really change your sex life, so check out this article and ignore what says:

The End Result: Why Didn’t Measure Up for Flings

We couldn’t find one good thing about, and that’s why we’d absolutely never recommend to anyone serious about flings.

Instead, you should check out It’s our number one site, and the numbers really prove why it belongs there.

30 Responses to “The Total Review: Why Is a Complete Fling Failure”

  1. I had to leave a review for when I was done using it even though I normally wouldn’t. I want to warn everyone against ever using this stupid site.

  2. If your comparison of this site consists of you saying it’s better than others, I don’t understand you. How does anyon like this site? Pretty sure I hated everything about it.

  3. Willian Richter

    I’m not sure how anyone can walk away from this site and not think it’s a scam. That was my first thought after I’d used it for a while tbh.

  4. Francisco Toyley

    Who knows if is legit? I’m looking at the homepage and I guess that it seems okay at first glance but I’m hesitant to take a chance on a litle-known site.

  5. Grub Jack Moonship

    I had a friend tell me this site was good and after I used it, well, let’s just say I don’t trust his taste in anything anymore. Women, food, movies…nope.

  6. If you test out and come out of it thinking that it’s a good site to keep using…there is no hope for you. You have no taste. Enjoy your terrible life.

  7. I couldn’t help but leave this one a low rating. I’m normally pretty forgiving with these things but I just didn’t like this site at all. It needs to improve.

  8. Micah Schmiel

    I think 2013 was a bad year for dating sites because I didn’t use a single good one, this one included. That’s why this gets a bad review from me.

  9. I’ve been out of the dating site loop for a while so I don’t know what’s good or not anymore. I hope that is or I don’t know what to do.

  10. Sites like this are getting on my last damn nerve and I’m about ready to just give up on them forever and go back to meeting women at bars or whatever.

  11. I didn’t meet one single women on to hook up witih so that’s why I’m leaving a bad review. Everything else I can excuse, that I just can’t excuse.

  12. In comparison to other sites I’ve seen, this one looks really cheap. Are there even any people still using this site at all? I really don’t think that there is.

  13. Antonio Emrick

    It says it’s free but I don?t trust it. I never trust anything when it says it’s free because nothing in life really is free, you know what I’m saying?

  14. Reid Munson

    None of my friends have used and none of them know anything about it…tha’t susually how I decide if a site is legit enough to use, so idk about this.

  15. There’s nothing good about this site. I said that when I first joined and I’m still saying it now because I hated the site and everyone and everything on it.

  16. I can’t understand why a friend recommended that I test out Looking at the homepage, I can tell you rn that there is no way I’m going to sign up for this.

  17. Rating this site lowly was all I could do after I used it. I don’t think I could use this again if I tried and I would suffer through it if you made me.

  18. Lance Rawls

    I could have sworn that I left a review for this site back in 2013 but I guess I didn’t. Whatever, it doesn’t matter. I don’t like the site so why waste time.

  19. Kenneth Sandblom

    I’m guessing is more about casual dating than seriosu dating? That seems cool I guess. I can get behind that, but I don’t know about the site just yet..

  20. Dancing Tumbler

    Sites like this used to be good and now they’re not worth anything at all…what happened? When did dating site become synonymous with shit? Please tell me what happened here!

  21. If you review and suggest that it’s anything more than a dumping ground for cheap fake profiles and lonely, creepy guys, I’m going to wonder what’s wrong with you.

  22. When I look at this site in comparison to others it beccomes painfully obvious which ones are worth my time and which aren’t. Hint: this one is NOT worth my time.

  23. I wanted to believe this site wasn’t a scam but then I used it and I realized there was no way that was happening. This is undeniably a scam, I’m convinced.

  24. Alejandro Shirey

    I think that is legit, but then again maybe not. I don’t know, I’m terrible at judging these things. I wish I wasn’t bc then I wouldn’t use shitty sites.

  25. Risky Scorpion

    Was there anything good about this site? I guess I just missed it. I was too busy being blinded by how fake all the profiles on here were, I guess.

  26. I don’t remember signing up to test out but my email told me I had a profile so I checked it out. I don’t know why I signed up for this.

  27. I was going to leave an okay rating for this site but then I realized I had twenty spam emails in my inbox because of it, so nope, I’m not happy now.

  28. Quinn Foster

    I wanted 2013 to end on a good note but it didn’t because I started using this site. I’m leaving a bad review and leaving the site now though, finally.

  29. Dane Levett

    I used as my main dating site for a while but honsetly, I don’t remember much about it. I don’t remember having an opinion, actually…it was just average tbh.

  30. I want sites like this to be abolished forever. That’s the only thing that will right the wrongs these dating sites have done against me, my time, and my sex life.

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