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Malware is absolutely everywhere on this site, clinging to the dozens of obnoxious ads that clutter every page. You'll find more malware than women, to be sure. is one of those sites that’s so bad we couldn’t believe it. It honestly all starts with the malware, which is something we had to put up with as soon as we started our HornyMatches review.

This site is just unsafe. Malware is one of the many HornyMatches scams that we had to deal with, and it drove us insane. is one that should just be taken down.

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The Three Month Test: What Our Numbers Show

We really ended up spending three months on our HornyMatches review, and during that time, we sent out 200 e-mails to women that we hoped weren’t HornyMatches scams.

From those 200 e-mails, we only ended up with a total of 60 responses. This was pathetic, especially when you realize none of those women wanted to go out with us. Issues, Problems and Signs of Scams

There are more ads on this site than you could ever believe. That means that malware and scammers cling to them, which means, of course, that you just aren’t safe here. Skip it, and go where you aren’t going to get a virus.

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Legit fling dating sites that are 100% confirmed safe are here. in the News

Even if you’re older, BDSM can still be a great thing to bring into your flings, so check out this article and avoid

The End Result: Why Didn’t Measure Up for Flings

We hated, and so we’d never recommend it. Skip it, and move on.

You should check out instead, our number one site for flings. It’s fun and it really does get the job done!

30 Responses to “The Total Review: Why Is a Complete Fling Failure”

  1. certainly gets a review from me but not a good one. I don’t have anything good to say this time around even though I usually do with these sites.

  2. I wish this site was good, but it’s not. In comparison to others it’s very underwhelming as a whole. Especially the women. The women are just not very hot imo.

  3. Emery Bousum

    I would be convinced this site is a scam but isn’t it free? Well, I suppose they can scam you out of time by making you think their site is worthwhile.

  4. Clark Raub seems legit at first glance but half the time appearances are deceiving so I’m just not sure if I want to leave my current fav site for this one.

  5. Lone Gravy

    I’m not sure what makes this site bad but it’s just..something. Something that I don’t like, something that’s not good. I wish I knew what it was but I don’t.

  6. I didn’t want to test out but I was persuaded to by a friend and trust me I am NEVER listening to him about something like this ever again.

  7. There’s no way this site is getting a rating higher than 2. It wasn’t TERRIBLE but it was probably one of the worst sites I’ve used to date so that equals a poor opinion.

  8. Rene Romanoff

    It’s 2013 and I can’t believe this site has a single good review. It only deserves bad ones for how shitty it was. I don’t think you can actually meet women on here

  9. Humberto Giesler

    I think dating sites are all pretty similar so I’m not expecting much from Who knows, maybe it’ll surprise me. That would be nice, but I doubt it’ll happen.

  10. Needless Full Logbook

    I’m done with sites like this for good. I’m not going to sign up for anymore, I’m not going to use anymore. I’m just done with these forever, I swear.

  11. A review of seems necessary, but I can’t think of what to say. I didn’t like the site so tbh I don?t have much to say beyond that, actually.

  12. In comparison to other sites I’ve been using this one seems really poorly maintained and just not well done if you ask me, but I’m not an authority on it.

  13. Cyrus Holdsworth

    I wouldn’t say this site is a scam but I can say with confidence that it definitely isn’t a good site to be on. I’m going to delete my profile soon.

  14. Chance Sayre

    I haven’t heard much about yet so I guess it must be new..either that or it isn’t legit. I guess we’ll see c right now I have no opinion.

  15. I thought I’d meet a few women and have a few good sex dates once I used this site but no, sadly that did not happen. I’m pretty disapointed tbh.

  16. I wanted to test out because a friend recommended it pretty highly but tbh,, I hated everything about this god-awful site. I don’t ever want to see it again.

  17. Rating dating sites is something I do for my blog and this one gets one of the lowest ratings I’ve ever given. I wasn’t impressed by anything with the site.

  18. Alexis Baker

    I think this site hasn’t been updated since January of 2013 and that sucks, because it needs a lot of updates. I have to leave a bad review for this.

  19. Bertram Philips

    If there’s anything I should know about the dating site before I use it, I’d love to know. I can’t find anyone I know that’s used it yet tho.

  20. I wish I could say that all sites like this were great but I just can’t, especially not about this one. This site was a stain on my internet browsing history.

  21. has a few okay reviews but it seems like most of them are like mine: BAD. Nothing about this site was memorable in the slightest and I hated it.

  22. I think this one is pretty bad in comparison to all the others I’ve used in the past but maybe I’m just being overly critical at this point. Who knows.

  23. I can’t tell if this is a scam site or not. It seems really sketchy but it never asked for credit card information…maybe I’m just one of the lucky guys?

  24. Alonzo Bennett

    I wish I could say with 100% certainty that is legit but I can’t. I used the site but I don?t really remember what it was like. Sorry guys.

  25. This isn’t even a dating site. This isn’t even a good attempt at sex personals. This is just shit thrown together to resemble a website and I am so mad.

  26. If you think is worth signing up to test it out, think again. That’s what I thought andI can tell you now that it is NOT worth it at all.

  27. I’m not sure if any rating we have is low enough to really express how I feel about this site. I sound overdramatic but I don’t care. This site ruined my life.

  28. Mikel Draudy

    I used this site for most of 2013 and I don’t know why I used it for so long. I should have left a bad review and gotten out much sooner.

  29. I’ve used lot of dating sites in the past. I’m not easily satisfied so I move from site to site and next on my list to try is We’ll see!

  30. KittenKitten

    There’s nothing besides criticisms to be said about sites like this. They’re all worthless and I’m not going to use them anymore after this, trust me on that simple fact.

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