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This place could use a few lessons in advertising to women, and then maybe they'd have a few real ones show up.

This is another site that needs a lesson in catering to the ladies. does none of that, and we didn’t have to get far in our Date69 review to prove that. Just look at the front page!

The fact is that all the ladies have left this site, and we can’t blame them. Date69 scams in every form have taken over this site, which means that is basically a wasteland.

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The Three Month Test: What Our Numbers Show

We ended up spending a total of three months on our Date69 review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 200 e-mails to ladies that we really hoped weren’t just Date69 scams.

From those 200 e-mails, only a total of 54 women actually e-mailed us back. None of them wanted to go out with us, though, which ultimately means our time was a waste on this site. Issues, Problems and Signs of Scams

We discovered pretty quickly that the ratios that Date69 talks about are all big lies. There aren’t any real women on here. They’ve all left, and all you’re going to see are fake profiles. That’s pretty skeevy and gross, and that means that your chances of getting a real date on this site are slim to none.

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We tested 25 other fling dating sites . They’re more worth your time than this place. in the News

Bondage basics are good and all, but going beyond them is what’s going to get you great flings, even though sucks:

The End Result: Why Didn’t Measure Up for Flings

Considering all the fakes on here, there’s no way we’d ever recommend It’s a bad site, and the results prove it.

Instead, you should check out It’s our number one site, and it really gets the job done no matter what.

30 Responses to “The Total Review: Why Is a Complete Fling Failure”

  1. gets a review but sadly it’s not a very good one. I didn’t like anything about it and tbh I’m happy to be rid of the site for good.

  2. Napoleon

    I think this site is even worse in comparison to others I’ve used, though it’s bad enough even if it’s the first site you’ve used. It’s easy to see it sucks.

  3. Salvador Mayers

    I don’t think this site is a scam. It really is completely free, which is good bc no one in their right mind would pay for this sorry excuse for a site.

  4. Wilford Greene

    Some sites seem really sketchy and aren’t and some seem really good but they’re not. I’m worried if I use it’ll be one of the bad ones, you know?

  5. Canal Icy

    Good grief am I glad that I’ve gotten away from this site. I feel like I just broke up with a really clingy woman and that is the worst feeling ever.

  6. I wanted to test out when I heard about it but then I loaded the page and I just…didn’t want to use it anymore. Trust me, it was practically instantaneous.

  7. There’s a review on here rating this site a 10 and I feel like that has to be fake. No actual person would rate the site that high, I don’t think.

  8. Shane Mcmullen

    2013 was a bad year for my sex life and this site didn’t help much, so I’m leaving it a bad review. Stay away from this one, guys, trust me.

  9. Guillermo Dickinson

    I’m not sure if I want to start using dating or hookup sites. I’m not sure if they’re for me and I might not want to chance it on

  10. Flying Pineapple

    I don’t think I’ll use sites like this for a while. Maybe that will give the people that run them time to make them a little better. I hope so.

  11. I was contemplating not leaving a review for because this site has already taken up enough of my time but fuck it, I want everyone to know how bad this site is.

  12. In comparison to every other dating site I’ve used this one falls short. The messaging system sucks and it looks really cheap and fake in my opinion. I hate it.

  13. Geraldo Bollinger

    I think this site is a scam. I’ve never been so sure of something with a dating site before in my life before this. This site is an awful scam.

  14. Kirk Drabble

    If I don’t find a legit dating site soon I’m going to go crazy. I guess I’ll try this one that people have been telling me about but idk.

  15. Nasty Scarecrow

    I don’t think there’s anything good about this site. I really don’t. Apparently, judging from all these reviews, no one else does either. Well, it’s good to know that I’m not the only on.

  16. Test out if you want but I guarantee you aren’t going to like it. I know I didn’t once I signed up and I wanted to leave right away.

  17. If there’s a rating lower than 0 I would love to give it to this site. I would love to have this site taken down from the internet but that’s anohter story.

  18. Jermaine Day

    This site has lots of bad reviews from even before 2013…that was when I started using it. Apparnetly it’s been bad for a while now? That’s really interesting, I think.

  19. Francesco Morgan seems like your average dating site. Nothing jumps out at me but nothing really puts me off either..I guess I just don’t care about these sites anymore these days.

  20. I think I’m going ot stay away from sites like this for a while. At least until they get better and stop being so sketchy and filled with scams, I’m avoiding them.

  21. A review of is in order and I’m here to provide it. I really don’t have much to say beyond AVOID THIS SITE though…sorry about the lack of good advice.

  22. This site works poorly in comparison to what I’m used to and I’m sad to say it but I think I’m done giving this site the time of day. I’m going to use another one.

  23. This site just reeks of a scam. Look at it. It’s easy to tell by the cheap site design and the way it looks as a whole. I’m very unimpressed.

  24. If you ask me if is legit I would probably be able to tell you that it is. I’d have to try and log in but I THINK I’ve used it.

  25. Charlotte Ruthless Sangre

    I didn’t meet anyone attractive on this site and that’s why I’m saying it isn’t a good site. That’s the whole point, you know? To meet hot people on here.

  26. Deciding to test out was the worst decision I’ve made in quite some time and next time I use a dating site I intend to research it thoroughly beforehand.

  27. If you ask me if is legit I would probably be able to tell you that it is. I’d have to try and log in but I THINK I’ve used it.

  28. Rigoberto Shupe

    I left a review for this back in 2013 but I’ll leave another one now. Avoid this site at all costs. Trust me on that. Just do it. Avoid it if you can.

  29. Chauncey Toyley

    I have to admit that I’m not very well-versed in the world and language of these dating sites. If I decide to sign up for it’ll be my first.

  30. Billy Darkblade

    I don’t know why I even bother with sites like this. They look bad and when you use them they’re just as bad so why do I waste my time?

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