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This site is just dead. So dead, that the site's administrators have resorted to padding out their numbers by making fake profiles themselves. is a site that’s just dead, and we could tell before we even delved into our Casuals review.

That’s because the member activity on this site is one big lie. That’s just the start of the Casuals scams–they deliberately pad the numbers to make it seem like there are more ladies here.

The Three Month Test: What Our Numbers Show

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We ended up spending a total of three months on our Casuals review, and during that time, we sent out 200 e-mails to ladies we hoped weren’t Casuals scams.

From those 200 e-mails, we only received a total of 82 responses. Not a single woman wanted to meet up with us, which means we didn’t get a single fling. Issues, Problems and Signs of Scams

Considering the owners of deliberately add fake profiles to this site, it’s safe to say that you really aren’t going to get a fling on here. It’s just ridiculous, and really, really shameful. in the News

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Our top ranked fling dating sites will get you flings much faster than anything you’ll experience on this site.

Safe words are an incredibly important aspect to your fling, and this article covers what sites like just won’t:

The End Result: Why Didn’t Measure Up for Flings

We hated, and couldn’t find a single redeemable thing about it. Skip it, and move on., on the other hand, is our number one site for flings and really does work. Give it a shot, and you’ll definitely see a difference.

30 Responses to “The Total Review: Why Is a Complete Fling Failure”

  1. is about casual friendships, not casual dating. I don’t know why they’re trying to market thesmelves as a dating site. I’m done with this cheap waste of my tim.

  2. I don’t think I can give you an adequate comparison to truly understand just how bad this site is. Just know this site is really bad. Probably the worst ever.

  3. Douglass Ehret

    I don’t care if the site is endorsed by Cosmopolitan. That’s probably just some scam and that doesn’t make the site good at all. It’s not the slightest bit good.

  4. Marion Cavalet

    It says that ws featured in Cosmopolitan. Isn’t that the one magazine that all the women like? That means it must be legit, right? I might consider joining, idk.

  5. The Dummy

    Somone said this site was good. Someone point me to the good parts becaue I guess I just can’t find them. Why is that? Probably because they don’t exist at all.

  6. I test out dating sites for my blog and though I tested out I didn?t like it all and I was glad to wash my hands of it very shortly after joining.

  7. I don’t think I could give this site a high rating if you made me. I hated everything about it and there’s no way I would ever have anything good to say about it.

  8. Leonardo Pfeifer

    I used this site in 2013 and I’m leaving a review now. So what. I still hate the site so I can still leave a review and sadly that review is not good.

  9. Thaddeus Powers

    I’m big on NSA dating and it seems like that’s what is all about. The site seems a little lackluster but I might be able to overlook that for hot ladies.

  10. Orange Space

    I think I’m through with sites like this. I keep saying this but I think this time it’s the truth. It’s been so long since I used a good one.

  11. I have nothing good to say in my review of All the women are ugly and the site was hard to use and poorly designed, so I didn’t like it.

  12. I think the women on this site are a lot less responsive to messages in comparison to women I’ve messaged on other sites and that really upsets me, you know?

  13. If you don’t think this site is a scam, you must have a really bad judge fo quality. Any site that says “join” free isn’t going to be free for long.

  14. Mitchell Armstrong

    I can’t decide if I want to join or if I’d be better off joining another site. There are good things andbad things about this one, it seems like.

  15. Omega Foghorn

    There are so many site sthat are better than this. This one isn’t even good and I pity anyone who’s still stuck using it bc it scammed them out of money.

  16. I decided to test out based on a friend’s recommendation and he clearly hates me or he never would have recommended this site to me. I wouldn’t recommend it.

  17. I don’t typically give these things ratings but I’ll make an exception for this site to say that the lowest rating possible is still too high for it. It’s BAD.

  18. Gene Alliman

    I don’t think this site got any better since I used it in early 2013 and that’s why I’m finally here to leave a bad review. This one just isn’t very good.

  19. Buford Dimeling

    I don’t think dating is all it’s cracked up to be and right now I just want to have fun and hook up. I’m joining in the hopes that it will help.

  20. Southern Gangster

    You don’t know how tired I am of sites like this and you don’t know what I would give to actually find a good one for once. I’d give a lot.

  21. Here is my review of It is cheap, worthless, and the women are not that attractive. Use another site if you actually want to get laid instead of this one.

  22. If you look at this site in comparisonto others it becomes painfully obvious just how bad this one is. It doesn’t even work right half the time, did anyon else notice that?

  23. I’m pretty sure this site is a scam and that’s why I stoppd using it. It just seemed like a really sketchy, unsavory place and I wasn’t comfortable with that.

  24. Courtney Rogers

    If you’ve used, can you tell me if it’s legit? The reviews aren’t very clear and I really want to know if this is a good site to use.

  25. If you think this site is good I have some serious doubts about your taste. What prompts you to think that? How do you use this and like it at all?

  26. If you think is worth a test run, you’re right. Test it out so you can truly comprehend just how bad it is and then tell everyone else not to use t.

  27. Giving this site a low rating was the only logical choice. It got my computer infected with a virus and I’m honestly pretty pissed about it. I hate dating sites.

  28. I didn’t have a lot of fun in 2013 and I think it was because I was stuck using these bad sites. I’m done with them and I’m leaving them all bad reviews.

  29. Daron Sandys is a dating site that (it claims) glorifies no strings attached dating. That sounds alright, but will the site actually work? I don’t need it if it doesn’t work.

  30. Ghastly Jupiter

    I’ve used so many sites like this. When they say NSA dating, they don’t mean it…none of the women on here know how to NOT get clingy. I’m disappointed tbh.

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