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When a site looks like it was designed (and named) by a five-year-old, things just go straight downhill from there. not only has a horrible name, but it’s just a horrible site. During our BangBuddy review, we ended up pulling our hair out just trying to get around this site.

When a site looks like it’s designed by five year olds, it probably has been. We’re not sure what the people behind were trying to do, but it did absolutely nothing except attract one hell of a lot of BangBuddy scams that became increasingly hard to deal with.

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The Three Month Test: What Our Numbers Show

We ended up spending a total of three months on our BangBuddy review, and during that time, we sent out 200 e-mails to women that we hoped weren’t BangBuddy scams.

From those 200 e-mails, only a total of 68 women actually replied. None of them wanted to go out with us, however, which means not a single fling happened on this site. Issues, Problems and Signs of Scams

This site is nigh impossible to navigate. If you really want to jump into a maze of a site, this is the one that we recommend checking out and laughing at. It’s just impossible to use, and so obviously, no one in their right mind is going to want to stick around.

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Want better options? Check out our lists of fling dating sites that got us great, speedy results. in the News

Hot wax can really amp up your fling, but knowing how to do it is something that sites like just won’t ever cover:

The End Result: Why Didn’t Measure Up for Flings

We hated, and that’s why we’d never recommend it to anyone. It’s just one big waste of time after another.

Instead, you should check out our number one site for online flings, It’s fun, easy to use, and it really does get the job done for men like us.

30 Responses to “The Total Review: Why Is a Complete Fling Failure”

  1. I couldn’t help but leave a review for and I don’t normally do this. I wanted to make sure that everyone knew they shouldn’t use this site though, so here I am.

  2. Florentino

    In comparison to most other sites this one doesn’t seem to work very well. I can’t remember the number of times a page didn’t load right or ran really slow.

  3. Lucien Kight

    I’ve never used a site that I was pretty sure was a scam, but I have now. Everything about this site seemed really sketchy and I’m convinced it wanted my money.

  4. Nolan Catleay

    If there’s anything worse than a site that looks legit but isn’t, I don?t know what it is. That’s why I’m hoping is as legit as it appears at first.

  5. Needless Full Logbook

    I don’t think there’s any way this site could ever be good. Some sites would be okay if they made improvements but no, this one will always be bad, I think.

  6. If you were thinking of signing up to test out, let me tell you right now that you shouldn’t. It’s a waste of time and there are better sites.

  7. This site gets a low rating from me and there’s no way that opinion is going to change. I wouldn?t go back to using this site if you paid me.

  8. Winfred Stainforth

    I could leave this site a million reviews but I don’t think it would do any good. It’s been the same since 2013 so I don’t think they read their reviews.

  9. Branden Noton

    NSA dating online isn’t supposed to be difficult and that’s why I’m REALLY hoping is as legit as this review I read said. I haven’t used it yet tbh.

  10. Walker Fargloom

    I hadn’t used many sites like this before and after the experience I had on this one honestly, I don’t know if I’ll use too many more if they’re all like this.

  11. was an interesting site. I didn’t like a lot about it so my review is overall bad, but I guess my overall opinion isn’t too bad I suppose. Maybe.

  12. I don?t think there’s a site bad enough to make this one look good in comparison. This is the site that makes others look good purely because it’s so bad.

  13. Cornelius Beedell

    I’m not sure if this is a scam but it definitely isn’t a site I ever want to log into and use again. In fact I want to forget I ever had a profile on this site.

  14. I wish there was a list of which sites are legit or not because I’m doing some serious digging trying to find out information about and I’m not finding much.

  15. Gruesome Snake

    I’m sorry, I must have missed the parts of this site that made it good. Maybe I was too overwhelmed by how long it took for every part of the site to load.

  16. I thought deserved at least a test run, but I wish I hadn’t been so trusting that the site wouldn’t suck. It was pretty disappointing. I only used it for about a week.

  17. I wish I had something nice to say about this site but I don’t. Instead I just have a low rating to give it and a recommendation to other guys to stay away.

  18. Palmer Magor

    If you think this site is bad, you should see some of the others I used in 2013. I’m not saying this one’s great, because it’s not. I left a bad review .

  19. Needless Rotten Rebel

    Can someone tell me why sites like this seem to be going downhill? Am I just being too picky? What’s going on here. Why are sites like this so damn bad?

  20. deserves a review for sure, but what it doesn’t deserve is a good review. Nothing about this site is worthwhile and you’d be better off using another one tbh.

  21. The women on this site, at least in comparison to others, really aren’t very hot at all. I was expecting a lot more than what I got in all honesty.

  22. Herbert Pery

    I don’t think this site is a scam, but don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s a good site either. It’s very cheap compared to a lot of the others I’ve been using.

  23. Raymundo Smith

    Here’s to hoping that is legit. If it isn’t, I’m just going to have to start looking for another dating site to use and I don’t want to do that.

  24. The site design isn’t even good. Nothing about this site is good. Half the profiles they have don’t even have pics so what’s the point of joining this terrible site?

  25. I thought had to be better than it looked. I figured it was at least worth a test run but boy, was I wrong. It’s not worth a second glane.

  26. I thought with a name like that it would be good, but no. It’s just another bad site that sadly gets another low rating from me bc it didn’t meet my needs.

  27. Daryl Draudy

    I’m not sure if 2013 has spilled over into this year but why is this site back in my life? Another site recommended it to me. I already left a bad review.

  28. Quinton Rummel definitely isn’t dating…it’s more about casual hookups. At least, that’s what I can guess from the homepage. I’ll have to join it to be completely certain, that’s for sure.

  29. I have nothing good to say about this site and all the other sites like it. They’re sorry excuses for places to find dates or hookups in my opinion at least.

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