Why Pets Are a Bad Gift Idea

"Yes, he is cute but a bad gift"

“Yes, he is cute but a bad gift”

Shockingly, men seem to think that getting their woman a pet is a great idea for a gift. This really isn’t the case, especially if she’s a fling. She’s not going to want something to take care of, even if she’s been ‘ooing’ and ‘ahhing’ over it in the pet store window. There are a lot of other reasons to skip out on pets as gifts, too, and that’s why you need to keep that in mind when you’re shopping for your newest fling, and trying to get her something that you think will really be special. Trust us: a pet isn’t it.

They Give the Wrong Impression

Pets really aren’t a good idea for a fling because they speak way too much of commitment. Remember that you’re just really trying to hook-up with this woman for a night or two, and then that’s it. There’s no long-term relationship at stake here, and there’s really nothing going on between the two of you romantically. This is why a pet is such a bad idea–she’s going to take that idea and run with it, and you really don’t want her thinking that you’re ready to settle down with her.

She Doesn’t Really Want It

"Does she need a pet?"

“Does she need a pet?”

It doesn’t matter how much she’s eyeballing it and making faces at it–she doesn’t really want it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dog or a gecko, she doesn’t want a spur of the moment pet like this–at least, not if she’s got some common sense to her. If she keeps acting like she wants it, remind her of the work and the money that it’s going to cost. There’s no reason to make a spur of the moment pet purchase, especially if it’s just going to be one hell of an expensive investment later on.

Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance

Pets aren’t a one-time thing. They require a lot of upkeep, and even if she thought it was cute at first, that’s not going to be something that she wants to keep dealing with later on. It doesn’t matter how cute the thinks it is at first glance–that’s really a grooming bill in the making, one hell of a lot of trips to the vet, and a lot of supplies to boot. She’s not going to want that, and that’s way more of an investment for you to make for a fling as well.

You’ll Get Stuck With It

If she doesn’t want it, you’re stuck with it. This is why unplanned pets are the worst ideas in the world, especially for relationships that aren’t meant to be. If you get her a cute puppy that you thought she wanted, she might not want it at all, and trust us, you’re going to be the one that’s scooping up its poop later on. This is why it’s so important to skip the pets, and stick to the body butter. She’ll thank you, and your wallet is going to end up thanking you as well.

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