What to Do When She Won’t Stop Texting You

“Getting angry on your phone will not make any difference”

Forget the two-day rule that dictates how long you should wait before you call a woman back – you gave your number to a woman and now she just will not stop texting you. Whether you’re in a dating relationship or you just want to hook up, a woman who doesn’t know when to quit texting you can be seriously annoying. The best way to resolve this issue is to resolve it quickly, but if you wait too long to call her out on her behavior you may have a big problem on your hands. Either way, there are a few ways to deal with a woman who texts you way too much.

Be Firm from the Start

If you notice a woman is spending way too much time texting you over the most inane details in her life, you need to call her on it as soon as possible. Bad habits are almost impossible to break if you let them settle. If a woman is texting you when she wakes up, when she leaves for work, when she’s having lunch, and every other moment of the day, do not let her get used to being able to do it. Tell her immediately that it will not fly with you. Try to be sweet about it, of course, by telling her that you would prefer to hear about her day in person so you can see how her eyes shine. Butter her up as much as you have to, and if you’re successful, she might stop texting you quite so much.

Try to Back Track if You Have To

“Explain her that you prefer face to face communication instead of texts”

If you let her get used to being able to text you all the time, you’re in trouble. If you respond to her texts with vague responses, you may think you’re expressing disinterest, but in truth any kind of attention is going to encourage her to keep sending you messages. If you’ve already given her the idea that it’s okay to message you all the time, she will keep doing it no matter what you say. You can always try to express to her that you would prefer to talk to her in person, but she’s going to be harder to convince now that you let it slide for a while. Do your best to butter her up once again so that it seems like an appealing compromise to her.

Run Far, Far Away

If nothing else works, you need to cut your losses and head for the hills. Women who want to communicate with you constantly are not a good sign because it means they’re more likely to be clingy in other areas of your life as well. Cut ties and move on quickly if you are able to. What to do if she keeps texting you after you break up with her? Hopefully this doesn’t happen, but in the unfortunate case that it does, you need to be firm and tell her why it’s not acceptable. Barring all else, you may need to wind up changing your number just to get some relief – try not to let things get so out of hand next time.

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