The Three Big Don’ts of Sexting

Sexting is the greatest advancement in long distance sex since the invention of phone. It’s never been easier to hookup with strangers or get a nice warm up in with a woman before you have physical sex for the first time. However, too many men make these basic sexting mistakes that mean they’re shut down. Don’t miss out on the best thing to happen to sex in a hundred years. Avoid these mistakes.

Don’t Open with a Dick Pic

"Don't ruin your chances by sending her a dick picture in the starting"

“Don’t ruin your chances by sending her a dick picture in the starting”

A dick pic really says it all. You’re horny, you have a great cock, and you want her to send some intimate pictures of her own. However, without any kind of foreplay or introduction you’re going to offend her, or worse. You could just baffle her. Most women won’t know what to do in response to an unsolicited picture of your dick. They might not be able to sext right now, or they could find your presumptiveness a huge turn off. Women like to be courted, and that doesn’t change just because you’re sexting. Open up with some foreplay, maybe check in to see if she’s feeling horny at the moment. Then you can start sending pics when things get steamy.

Don’t Only React

"Reply her properly to keep her interest"

“Reply her properly to keep her interest”

The worst thing that you can do in the middle of sexting is only react. If she sends you a series of texts describing exactly how she’d get you off using only her tongue, don’t respond with “yeah baby sounds good.” Give her something to work with. If you’re going back and forth over a sex act, tell her how it feels to you, and then what you’re doing to her in return. If it’s just a back and forth about random acts, don’t just tell her that she should keep up the good work. Get a little creative and blow her mind with the combination of sex acts that would blow her mind. The greatest thing about sexting is that you don’t have to actually do any of the things you describe. You might as well tell her all the crazy things you’re going to do with your tongue, because you’re in your own house and she’s in hers. She’s not going to ask you to make good on your promises.

Don’t Try It Too Often

Sexting is best when it’s used sporadically. It’s awesome, and you’re going to want to do it all the time, but you should really save it up. Overuse makes it boring. Just like you wouldn’t do the exact same moves when you’re in bed with her over and over again, you shouldn’t always be doing the same sexting techniques. Change is up and make sure that you’re not trying to get her to do it every day. Sexting done well should last awhile. Over use it, and it’s going to become boring. Part of the thrill is the forbidden aspect. Get too comfortable and it’s not going to be good anymore. Restrain yourself and it’ll be even better when you do sext her.

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