The Next Best Thing: Naughty Webcam Tips

"She's being naughty"

“She’s being naughty”

A huge part of dating online is spending time on webcam with each other. Webcam is great for chatting face to face but it’s also great for other things, too. When you want to take your relationship to the next level of intimacy but aren’t ready to meet up in person yet, a webcam is the next best thing. We’re not saying that turning on the webcam and showing her your dick is going to lead to instant success. Just like hooking up in real life, there are a few tips you should follow to make the experience a great one.


If you’re hooking up through webcam chances are good that she’s going to see you naked. You’re going to want to look your best. You don’t have to go overboard manscaping, but a little can’t hurt. Areas you should focus on include your face, your chest, and of course your genitals. If you’re a hairier guy, trim everything down a bit using an electric trimmer. Make your face clean-shaven if you think you look better that way. Waxing works great for your chest if you’re okay with the cost and a little bit of pain. When it comes to your junk, carefully consider what to do. A wild bush will make you look shorter and smaller, but being pube-free is going to make you look pre-pubescent. Do a little trimming there to put the part of you that matters in good perspective.


Webcams are notorious for making everything look darker than it really is. You can remedy this by figuring out a lighting solution. It’s as simple as having a stand up lamp nearby or a desktop lamp turned on you with the overhead lights on too. This doesn’t only mean she’ll be able to see your face clearly. She’ll also be able to get a good look at your penis, which is exactly what you want.

Be Fun

Getting naked for the first time on webcam can be nerve-wracking for both sides. Nothing kills arousal like nerves. In order to keep things going, try to relax. Start the session out with casual conversation, face to face. Once you’re both having a good time you can start steering things in a sexual direction. It’ll feel more natural this way and you’ll both be relaxed and thinking only about what you want to see and do.

Do Some Cleaning

When you’re on webcam with her she’s going to notice your surroundings. So if you’re doing this in your room, it’s not a bad idea to do some cleaning. Get rid of old underwear lying around. Take down posters of naked babes on your walls. Clear out any dishes or empty beer cans. Make your bed look like the kind of place she’d want to be instead of something she’d be disgusted to touch.

Put on a Show

"Dance and strip for her"

“Dance and strip for her”

You don’t need to invest in a strobe light and tearaway pants, but there’s nothing wrong with giving her a show to get things started. Get naked first. Let her see all of your body, starting with your face and ending with your dick. Show her how aroused you are by stroking it a few times. She’ll be hot and ready to go by the time it’s her turn.

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