The Guide to Juggling More Than One Woman

"Can you handle two women at same time?"

“Can you handle two women at same time?”

What’s better than hooking up with one hottie all the time? Well, it is hooking up with several of them. Not every guy can pull of this kind of trick. Juggling multiple women requires skill, patience, and more than one contingency plan. If you aspire to be that guy with more than one babe at your beck and call, read on. We’ve created a guide of what to do and what not to do when keeping more than one woman in your stable.

Make Your Status Clear Up Front

There’s always the risk of feelings being hurt when you’re involved with women, even when the relationship is based strictly on casual sex. So if you want to juggle more than one, you need to be up front about what you want. Tell them you’re not interested in a relationship. Make sure to emphasize that this is about sex and only sex. If you’ve made it perfectly clear that you’re not looking to fall in love, you won’t have to worry about the possibility of emotions ruining all the fun.

Stay Casual

"Say no if she asks you for commitment"

“Say no if she asks you for commitment”

It’s one thing to say you only want casual sex. It’s another thing entirely to maintain that kind of relationship. Unfortunately where sex is involved, attachments tend to form. It’s easy to juggle a multitude of babes that you’re banging if you keep it purely sexual. The moment you start to develop feelings for one of them is the moment it becomes difficult to keep juggling the rest. If you start to develop an attachment, it’s probably best to take a step back and re-evaluate what you want most: sex or commitment.

Remind Them Why It’s Awesome

Sooner or later your ladies are going to start questioning if this sex-only relationship is right for them. It’s your job to convince them it is. Remind them of how this situation benefits everyone: everyone gets laid, nobody gets hurt. Point out that you have zero expectations from them just as they have from you. Of course, an open sexual relationship isn’t for everyone. Don’t be surprised if after a while some of your partners move on to find something more meaningful. This isn’t a bad thing. It’s a door opening for you to go and find the next hottie that wants the same thing you do: sex without strings.

Don’t Be Too Greedy

It’s every dude’s fantasy to have sex with a multitude of women. Fantasy and reality are very different things. When you start juggling casual sex relationships, keep it real. Two women are good. Three is better. Anything beyond four and you start running the risk of over-extending yourself. This is where things can get tricky. Too many ladies at your disposal and chances increase that you’ll mess up somehow, like calling one partner and confusing her for another or mixing up their names. Be ambitious but also be reasonable.

Don’t Be a Douche

It’s easy to have your ego inflated by the fact that you’re banging more than one woman. Don’t get too carried away. Obviously there’s something about you that the ladies like. If you let your success go to your head you’re going to start coming across as an arrogant douche bag, which will drive women away instead of enticing them to get into bed with you.

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