The First Time She Spends the Night at Your House

"Show her a good time so that she keeps coming back for more"

“Show her a good time so that she keeps coming back for more”

If you’re really feeling into this woman and want to take things further then asking her to spend the night is the best way to do it. But by letting her come over you’re exposing the part of yourself that is the most realistic. Your house is a total reflection of yourself. Your interests, bad habits, and life styles all live around you. She’s going to see all of that, but it doesn’t mean that it has to be a bad thing.

Clean for Real

Speaking of cleaning, do it. But as you do it keep in mind that there’s a difference between guy cleaning and real cleaning. Break out the Windex and clean every mirror or glass surface in your house. You won’t notice how filthy they are until you do this. But she’d notice immediately if your bathroom mirror is splattered with toothpaste. Then move on to scrub the toilet (all of it), the shower (all of it, even the curtain), and the floors. For the rest of the house you want to knock out clutter and dust. Be careful with the cleaning products since they give away that you are doing this for her. You want her to think that you always live like this. Pay attention to the floors as well. Women can tell when a floor hasn’t been vacuumed in ages.

Put Away Anything Embarrassing

Stop for a second and think of what you’d look in if you were going to her house. Would you grab a sneak peek into the medicine cabinet? Or maybe you’d look at her book collection. Even if you’re not the type of guy to do this she will probably be the type of woman to. Women collect little pieces of data like what you read or use in the shower to get a deeper look at you. Old medications for some mysterious genital bumps have to go. The same goes for your porn or childhood baseball card collection.

Keep the Past in the Past

While it might not occur to you at all, your lady won’t like any evidence of past girlfriends. Women totally erase a guy out of their life after a break-up, but men will keep practical things around. Lamps, tables, or blankets can all be really practical gifts, but women tend to think something else. If you keep these things around you must still be secretly in love with her and you can’t go forward with a new relationship. This isn’t even close to the truth, but she doesn’t care. Just lie and say that you bought them years ago.

Stock the Kitchen

"Keep some snacks in your kitchen for the night"

“Keep some snacks in your kitchen for the night”

You don’t know how long the two of you will end up staying at your place (it might turn into a weekend thing). Even if you’re the typical bachelor who only has beer and hot dogs, you should pick up a few extra things at the store for late night snacking.

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