She Doesn’t Really Mean It’s Over: Winning Her Back

Despite what the movies tell us, not all relationships are meant to be right off the bat. Some take time, patience, and determination. Honestly, 75% of good relationships have at least one break-up. Sometimes you need space or just don’t realize what a great thing you’ve got. That’s understandable. But when she’s the one who calls it off for no apparent reason then you’ve got some work to do. If things just don’t feel like they’re done you can always try to win her back. The worst thing that will happen is she’ll still say no. So take a shot at love with these tips.

You’ve Got to Mean It

If she still has feelings lingering in her chest for you then you’ve got to reach them. The only way to do that is to really mean it. Being sincere in either your apology or the approach that you’re taking to try to get her to come back to you is the safest and most reliable way to go. Women can smell bullshit from about nine miles away, so if you even slip once with a little white lie then you can kiss her goodbye.

Work On Yourself

"Make yourself more attractive"

“Make yourself more attractive”

When you’re trying to impress her into wanting you again, you’ve got to work on yourself. Not in a spiritual guru sort of way. That’s bull. But get your body into the perfect shape. As shallow as it sounds, women are attracted to attractive men. Getting back to the gym and making sure that you keep up with your hygiene is only going to remind her what a stud you are.

Make Her Jealous

"Her jealousy will make her come back to you"

“Her jealousy will make her come back to you”

It’s a proven fact that the popular guy at the party gets the girls. People in general gravitate to them. So when you’re out and about make sure to have some arm candy. Even if your ex isn’t in the vicinity, chances are someone will see you and tell her about it. Her jealousy will be a huge factor in getting her to realize how much she actually wants to be with you. It’s a stupid mind game that women play, but it puts the ball in her court and gives you the advantage.

Put Up a Fight

Unfortunately, some women want it all. They want to be able to see other people but want to keep you as a friend who’s always there for her. That is just about the worst thing that you can do. Do not settle for being just her friend. All that will happen after that is that you’ll get to see her go off with other guys and she’ll cry on your shoulder when they leave her. Despite the hopeful logic, you will not be her fall back for the next date.

Tell Her You Love Her

Sometimes all she wants to hear is that you really do love her. Women are suckers for romantic stuff, and guys aren’t very good at following suit. Swallow your pride and let her know how you feel.

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