Psyching Yourself Up For a One Night Stand

"Ah! She's there in your bed. Are you ready?"

“Ah! She’s there in your bed. Are you ready?”

Hooking up for sex might seem like a no brainer. Find a hottie, bring her home, and nail her-it’s that easy. But if you’ve been out of the game for a while, you might find you’re a little nervous about things like getting a woman to come home with you or your performance when it comes to the main event. A bad case of nerves can wreck everything. If you want the night to end with you getting laid, follow some of our tips on how to mentally and physically prepare yourself.

Remember the Goal

You’re not setting out to find a long-term relationship. Your one and only goal is to entice a hottie to come home with you for one night only. You want sex with no commitment attached, so why stress over it? Keeping your goal in mind can help relax you and get your head in the game.

Work From Memory

If you’ve done your share of hooking up in the past, call on those memories to get your prepared. Remember what you said or did to get women interested. Pay attention to what you wore and how you looked on your most successful nights. If it worked for you before, it’ll probably work for you again.

Make Yourself Look Good

"Take a shower before you have sex with her"

“Take a shower before you have sex with her”

You’re going to feel more prepared if you feel good about yourself. So make a point of picking clothes that you know work for you. Spend some time on your grooming. If it’s been a few months since you’ve had your hair cut, get it done. The same goes if you’re rocking some facial scruff. When you head out for the night, be clean and confident. If you’re looking to get laid with a hottie you’ve only just met, it pays to give some attention to your appearance so you don’t look like an unwashed hobo.

Make Your Place Look Good

So your goal is to bring her back to your place and get her in the sack. Even if you get her home, there are some things that might send her running. Foremost among these is a huge mess. If your bedroom floor is full of old dirty laundry and your sheets look like they haven’t been washed in a decade, she might just change her mind. Part of preparing yourself is making sure your place is prepared too. We’re not saying you need to light candles and put on mood music. We are saying she shouldn’t be afraid of walking into your place without a Hazmat suit.

Have a Good Time

Worrying too much will kill the mood entirely. Even if you don’t come home with a babe, it’s not necessarily a loss. There are other nights. So when you go out, focus on having a good time instead of dwelling on details and what will or won’t happen. If you’re really enjoying yourself you’re going to appear more attractive to the ladies, which in turn will increase your chances of hooking up with them.

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