Perfume: The Hit and Miss Game

"It is quite hard to guess which fragrance she likes"

“It is quite hard to guess which fragrance she likes”

Perfume can be an amazing gift for your fling…if you do it right. A lot of men out there just don’t know how to buy perfume, and if that’s you, it means that you’re probably going to end up buying something that your fling just doesn’t like. This is why it’s time to really read up on buying perfume, or have her tell you explicitly what she likes. Otherwise, you need to stay away from it, and opt for something else. No matter how good of a gift perfume can be, it can be a bad one, too!

Figure Out Her Type

Before you end up buying her a perfume, you’ve got to figure out her type. Think about the scents that your fling already wears. That’s going to be the biggest hint as to what you can buy her without ruining anything, and it’s also going to be a guide about how far you can really stretch when it comes to buying her something. If she likes something fruity, stick to that. If she wears something oriental, stick to that. It’s going to make it that much easier for you to get something that she wants, that’s for sure.

She Loves It

"She'll wear your perfume everyday if she likes it"

“She’ll wear your perfume everyday if she likes it”

If she loves it then it is great. She’ll probably climb you like a tree and that’s going to be something that you did right in this fling. You can take notes about how she likes it and wears it, and how often she wears it in the future. That’s going to determine if you get her something similar later on, or if you veer slightly to the left to find her an oriental floral rather than just a straight, spicy, sexy oriental that makes her want to drop that dress right off.

She Hates It

If she hates it–and believe us, she’ll make it pretty clear by the faces she’s making–then you know you need to modify your plan in the future. If she doesn’t like it, then there’s a pretty good chance you’ll never smell it on her at all. This is when you go the complete opposite in buying next time, and try something entirely different. That’s going to make it a lot easier to determine what she likes, especially if it’s on the opposite side of the perfume spectrum entirely. Don’t guess; use deduction.

Don’t Go Off The Beaten Path

If she didn’t like your perfume selection, then it’s really best to go back to the basics. Don’t buy her something crazy. Just pick something much different than the last one, but nothing too weird. If you try to go too far off the beaten path with perfume, you’re going to end up digging your own grave. She’s not going to like it, and that’s back to square one. This is why buying perfume for your fling can be so difficult, and why it’s a hit and miss game when it comes to finding something that really works. With that in mind, tread with caution.

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