Is She Having a Girl’s Night Out?

When you’re out at the bar and you see a hot woman of course you’re going to want to hit on her. Hello, she’s hot and at the bar. But that doesn’t mean that she’s out looking to get lucky. She might be having a girl’s night. Girl’s night at the bars entirely eliminates the option of having sex. When they’re all getting ready before hand they’re looking to dance, flirt, and drink, but are swearing off any other male interaction for the night. If you don’t want to get blindsided by her night out, then look for these signs.

Closed Body Language

When a woman wants a guy to approach her she’ll smile and sit with an open stance at the bar. Open shoulders, eye contact, and open space around them mean that you would be welcome to step up and buy her a drink. But a pack of women crowded together while chatting away is completely shut off to a guy. They’re clearly interested in conversation and won’t stand you being there. So keep an eye on how her body is interacting with her friends. The pack vibe is a killer too. In nature packs protect their own, so if she’s on the outside and you’re trying to talk to her, chances are she’ll be moved to the middle for safety.

She Stays with the Pack

"It is hard to approach a woman when she is with her friends"

“It is hard to approach a woman when she is with her friends”

If a woman wanders away from her pack of friends or spends more time at the bar than with them she might be looking for a way to get away. That doesn’t mean you should pounce as soon as she’s free because she really might be getting just a drink. Watch her reactions to rejoining the pack. If she looks excited and is having a good time then it’s definitely a full-fledged girl’s night. But a begrudging “Shoot me now” sort of look might mean a break for you. Try to talk to her the next time she makes it to the bar.

They’re Screaming

"These girls are more interested in dancing and having fun"

“These girls are more interested in dancing and having fun”

When women get together in a girl’s night setting they suddenly feel very feminist and sassy. They might scream that they don’t need a man or that they’re an independent woman. For some reason the alcohol and the new rush of girl power combine to create screaming or very loud exclamations of how they are only in it for their friends and a good time.

Her Clothes

Girl’s night’s out mean lots of wearing crap that is too uncomfortable to wear on a regular basis. High heels, awkward dresses, and a ton of makeup are all signs that she’s not looking to impress a man tonight, but wants to be prettier than her friends. Her sexy clothes will be asking for guys to check her out and buy her drinks. If you do mention how great she looks then be prepared for her girlfriends to gang up on you and tell you how creepy you are for checking her out. They might say “She’s my girlfriend” or something lame like that too.

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