How to Build Confidence if You Feel You Don’t Have Any

"Talk to yourself to gain confidence"

“Talk to yourself to gain confidence”

Confidence: women often say that it’s the number one trait they look for in guys when they want to date or hook up. Dating sites and dating magazines all over say that you should have confidence if you want to hook up and be successful with women. You’ve heard it all before: confidence is key. However, it often gets to the point where it just seems like a word that’s being thrown around, or a concept that holds no real weight to you. Maybe you’ve never felt confident before. Whatever the case is, these articles rarely say how you can actually build confidence, and the truth is that it’s almost entirely internal. Knowing how to feel confident will definitely broaden your dating field, so it’s worth exploring.

Knowing What Makes and Breaks Confidence

Confidence is sometimes a mysterious quality. You don’t know why women are so attracted to it, but you know you don’t have it, or at least not enough of it. You may have thought you had plenty of confidence, only for women to tell you that you’re arrogant. This is incredibly frustrating, and it stems out of a lack of knowledge about what true confidence is. Confidence is being comfortable with yourself and showing others that you are comfortable with who you are. Why do women find it so attractive? Confidence is seen as a masculine trait and guys who are more confident will be leaders in the relationship and in bed, but there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance that you don’t want to cross. Be modest while being comfortable with yourself to avoid seeming arrogant.

Work on Your Physical Appearance

"Do the basic grooming"

“Do the basic grooming”

One major way to boost your confidence is to really buckle down and work on the aspects of your appearance that you don’t like. If you have always hated your hair, change it up. If you feel like you’re not in shape, hit the gym and start weight training. If you hate your teeth, set aside the money to get them worked on. This step can be lengthy, tiresome, and expensive, but you will find that it is ultimately worth it for how it makes you feel. The more attractive you feel you are, the more confident you will seem. Your new appearance and your newfound confidence is sure to attract plenty of women.

Ways to Feel Less Anxious about Hooking Up

Anxiety is a big killer when it comes to hooking up. Even if you’re normally a confident guy, anxiety can kill your desire to hook up and it can make you seem unsure about yourself. When you go out to hook up with women, remember that it will not be the end of the world if you get rejected. There’s always a hotter woman who will agree to hook up with you. Don’t be nervous about women, because they can tell when you are. Women are not likely to laugh in your face, either – they’re likely just as self-conscious and nervous as you sometimes feel.

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