Getting Away from Being a Bad Boy

The media has shoved the idea down our throats that women only like “bad boys” and that the nice guys finish last. While that works out well in the world of make believe, real life is an entirely different story. When a woman is looking for a guy to actually keep around for the long haul she’s not going to want a guy who treats her like garbage. Bad boys are only exciting for a few months before they get tossed in the trash. If you’ve got the whole “don’t give a damn” persona going on then you’re going to have to adjust your attitude. Luckily for you, it’s not that hard.

Ditch the Attitude

"Your attitude problem will drive her away"

“Your attitude problem will drive her away”

One of the key traits of a bad boy is his shitty attitude. He’ll yell at anyone, fight a guy who bumped into him, or even trash other people’s property. You may think that you’re looking like a real badass over here, but in actuality you’re making everyone uncomfortable. If this is a simple affliction of showing off then you can just knock that crap out right now. But if you’re one of the unlucky ones who really do have anger issues then you might need to take a class. When you get pissed stop what you’re doing and walk away. You don’t need to count backwards or face the issue, but you do need to get away with it. Then you can throw whatever hissy fit you want without making your date scared.

Put Others First

Another key trait is being selfish. This is by far the easiest way to live life but it’s also the least fulfilling. Taking to self out of the equation and asking questions like “How will she feel if I start a fight on our date night? Am I worrying about my mom?” It will feel totally stupid to do at first, but eventually you’ll start to re-grow the part of your brain that cares for others and get some healthy relationships going again.

Get Off of Your High Horse

"Such acts will never get you what you want"

“Such acts will never get you what you want”

When someone is thought of as being on their high horse they’re essentially a douche who thinks that they’re above everyone else. It’s not fun for those who you’re trying to humiliate. Being cocky only serves you in the immediate future. Past that you’re going to be known as the guy who always thinks that he’s right or brags about himself. Getting a high dose of humility can be just the fix. Talk to others who do what you do best better than you. They’ll have so much to teach you and you can start to realize that you’re not the only person who’s good at something.

Women are turned off by cocky guys. They love attention, and if you’re too busy spending all of yours on your hair or body, what’s going to be left for her? This plugs back into thinking about others. Put her on the same level as you and you’ll be sure to have a longer relationship.

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