Don’t Tell Her You’re A Virgin

It may seem romantic to be totally open and honest with your soon to be first lover, but the truth is that admitting your inexperience might risk you getting laid at all. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by telling her you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s time to act the part of a man to become a man!

Not What She’s Looking For

"She'll laugh at you if you tell her that you are a virgin"

“She’ll laugh at you if you tell her that you are a virgin”

Most women are looking for an experienced man who can truly understand a woman’s needs. They don’t want to be with a virgin; in fact most of them will drastically change their opinion of you if they find out. Women associate virgins with men who live with their parents playing Dungeons and Dragons on weekends. If that’s what she’s into, great, but most aren’t.

It’s Not Lying

You don’t want to outright lie to your lady, but that doesn’t mean you have to reveal your sexual history. It’s not lying if you’re simply not disclosing your past. If she asks, it’s easy to deflect with a simple “That’s not something I’m comfortable talking about.” If she continues to press you for info, slyly tell her you don’t kiss and tell. It’s important to act confident and sure of yourself at this crucial stage. Remember, if you act the part you become the part! Convincing her of your sexual prowess is important to her enjoyment as well as your own mental perception going into your first time. Let yourself feel confident! She wants to sleep with you, you’re making her hot for you!

Mastering the Mechanics

"Be confident and break your virginity tonight"

“Be confident and break your virginity tonight”

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had sex before, you’re about to and as long you get a little sexual education for adults you’ll be fine. It’s important to watch a lot of porn. Try no to get too excited while you do this, and pay attention to what goes where. It’s simple, but a big tip when you finally get there is to make sure she’s wet enough. If not, finger her some more or get some lube. The last thing you want is rug burn on your dick as you attempt to penetrate her and it won’t go in.

Befriend Your Dominant Hand

Practice makes perfect, and while masturbating only involves you, it will give you some practice. You don’t want to get off too easily when you finally get to have sex, so make sure to jack off a lot. It will improve your stamina during sex so that you don’t end up looking like the virgin that you are by orgasming before she’s done. You also want to be familiar with yourself so that you know your own limits when it comes to having an orgasm. Keep in mind that if you’re having good sex you should expect more than one orgasm from each of you, but if you manage one each your first time you’re doing really well~! This is your first time so don’t set your standards too high, but don’t sell yourself short either by telling her of your inexperience.

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