Classic First Date Blunders That Will Kill Your Chances

Getting that elusive first date can be a big deal, especially if you’ve been off the dating scene for a while and you’re really looking forward to getting to finally spend time with a woman you like. However, the challenge isn’t over just yet. Just because you managed to attract her attention enough to score a first date does not mean you’re in the clear. There are many mistakes you can make on a first date that will sign the end of your possible future relationship with any woman, and most guys have made all of them before. Knowing what mistakes to avoid will help you make the most of your hard-earned first date.

Mentioning Past Relationships in Detail

While you may have countless hilarious stories about your crazy ex-girlfriend, now is not the time to tell them. In fact, there may never really be a time to tell these stories unless you know the woman you’re with very well. Most women do not want to hear about who you’ve dated in the past in any kind of detail. It makes them feel inadequate and like you’ll spend the entire time comparing her to your past flings. Do not bring up your past relationships in any detail on the first date – it’s just not the proper time. First dates are supposed to be new beginnings, not a time to focus on past mistakes.

Not Paying Enough Attention to Her

"She needs more attention than your phone"

“She needs more attention than your phone”

The whole point of a first date is to get to know your date. Even if you’ve known the woman you’re going out with for quite a while, you have no excuse for not paying enough attention to her on the first date. Making her feel special is the name of the game, and you cannot do that if you’re not paying attention to her. Put the cellphone or tablet away and give her your undivided attention. Another killer is getting caught looking at other women while you’re out on a date – do this, and you can guarantee you’re not getting a second.

Talking about Yourself Too Much

"Do not brag about yourself"

“Do not brag about yourself”

Some recent studies have shown that men talk a whole lot more than they ever think they do. Keep this in mind when you’re out on your first date. Let her talk about herself to a point where it’s almost annoying, but make sure not to be silent. Contribute to the conversation and guide the topics you want to talk about, but if she looks like she has something to say, find a way to neatly wrap up your story and let her tell you what’s on her mind. Being too talkative is not a very endearing quality for men or women, so don’t let it be what kills your chances at a second date with her. Remember not to interrupt her too much unless it’s to agree enthusiastically with something she’s saying – women seem to like that, since it reminds them of how their friends talk to them. Never talk over her if you’re disagreeing.

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