Your Sex Toy Arsenal

When you’re heading off to a fling, it’s important to have an arsenal of sex toys. While you don’t necessarily need to have the kinkiest stuff in town, having fun things in your toy box will really set you apart with the ladies. They’re going to remember you as a man that really takes care of them in the sack, and trust us, that’s how you end up having more flings, and getting laid more often. That’s something that you always need to remember, and fortunately, we know exactly what to toss into that toy box when it comes for an amazing evening out. Bullet Vibrators Your bullet vibrator is going to be your best friend. This is the thing that more women want as a sex toy than anything else, and that’s really important for you to remember when you’re going out and having flings. Bullet vibrators don’t just have to be used on the clitoris, and that’s something you should remember. They can be used all over the body, and we highly recommend using them around her nipples and other erogenous zones. Find out where she likes it, and then you’ll really be in business. Rabbit Vibrators A rabbit vibrator is a breed alone, and a lot of…

Why You Should Kiss and Tell

If you’re not in the habit of bragging about your conquests you’re a more polite man then most. Almost every guy lets a little something slip when they’re chatting with their friends. While your willpower is incredible, you may be cheating yourself out of all kinds of opportunities that depend on you at least acknowledging that you have a sex life. Here are three great reasons to at least let your buddies know you hooked up last night. Makes It Clear You’re on the Market Dates get you more dates. This is especially true if you are friends or coworkers with married men. Women who are married love to set up unmarried friends. They want all their friends to be paired up so that they can double date, etc. The easiest way for them to pair up their single friends is with their husband’s single friends. If you make it clear to your buddy that you’re available and interested in meeting more ladies, his wife is going to know just the woman for you. You’re going to have dates served up to you on a silver platter. If she’s not your type, you don’t have to see her again, but this is probably the easiest way to get dates. All…

Why Pickup Artistry Won’t Work with Online Dating

“She’ll misunderstand your pick-up lines” PUAs, also known as Pick Up Artists, offer some very tempting insights into the dating and hookup scene that you may be tempted to follow even when you are meeting women online. Pickup artistry may have given you some confidence with meeting women in the past, and you may even have enjoyed moderate success using their techniques. However, meeting women in bars and clubs is a lot different from meeting women online, so there are some key things you should keep in mind when trying to introduce pickup artistry into your online dating techniques – and why it won’t work. Tone of Voice Is Extremely Important Negging, or the act of mildly insulting a woman in order to get her attention, is one of the main aspects of pickup artistry – and it’s also one of the tactics that will enjoy very limited success when translated into an online forum. Negging is difficult to make work even in a face to face setting, but it becomes nearly impossible when you translate it into a text based format. The important part of negging a woman is being able to insult her in a mild, joking manner and then change your tone in a positive way to…

Why Pets Are a Bad Gift Idea

Shockingly, men seem to think that getting their woman a pet is a great idea for a gift. This really isn’t the case, especially if she’s a fling. She’s not going to want something to take care of, even if she’s been ‘ooing’ and ‘ahhing’ over it in the pet store window. There are a lot of other reasons to skip out on pets as gifts, too, and that’s why you need to keep that in mind when you’re shopping for your newest fling, and trying to get her something that you think will really be special. Trust us: a pet isn’t it. They Give the Wrong Impression Pets really aren’t a good idea for a fling because they speak way too much of commitment. Remember that you’re just really trying to hook-up with this woman for a night or two, and then that’s it. There’s no long-term relationship at stake here, and there’s really nothing going on between the two of you romantically. This is why a pet is such a bad idea–she’s going to take that idea and run with it, and you really don’t want her thinking that you’re ready to settle down with her. She Doesn’t Really Want It It doesn’t matter how much she’s eyeballing…

Why Locker Room Talk Makes You a Better Lover

If you ever feel guilty about swapping stories with the guys, don’t. Some bawdy jokes and locker room story swapping actually makes things better for the ladies you hook up with. If you want to wow them and yourself, make sure that you don’t hold back the next time the guys are comparing hot celebrities and the merits of small and perky versus big and heavy. It Boosts Your Confidence The more confidently you can speak about sex, the more confident you’ll be when you’re having sex. Even in this day and age, so much about sex is hidden in shame and awkwardness. If you’re not afraid to say what you like when you’re around your buddies how could you tell a woman you just met to turn over? Share some laughs and discuss sex in an open and frank manner. You’ll be a happier person. Your partners will benefit from your new confidence. Give it a try; she’ll notice the difference. Helps You Define What You Like The more ideas that you’re exposed to, the more you know what you really want from your relationships. Locker room talk is a very effective way to broaden your horizons. Personal recommendations on position, activities, and the kinds of women to look…

Why Improving Yourself Can Be the Most Effective Hookup Effort

“Work on your physical appearance and be confident” Usually when you think about hooking up, you think about what the most effective pickup lines are and what secret tricks you can employ to make women want you. Most dating guides focus on how to pick up women by acting or dressing a certain way. However, you may be surprised to learn that one of the best ways to increase your chances of meeting and hooking up with women is actually to improve yourself before anything else. Focusing on yourself before anything else might seem counterintuitive, but it can actually have the maximum benefit when you want to hook up with women, and there are some very good reasons why. It Will Boost Your Confidence You have probably read countless dating articles and advice columns about how important confidence is when you enter the dating scene, and there is a very good reason for this. Confidence can make you look attractive to the most women possible, because women always go for guys who are comfortable with themselves. If you aren’t confident in yourself, you won’t be attractive to women. The best way to boost confidence is to focus on improving yourself for your own benefit, not just because you want to…

When Shorter Is Better: a Perfect Opening Message in 100 Words or Less

You don’t want to send a novel length message to a woman you’re chatting up for the first time online. The perfect open message is a small, casual 100 words or less. If you want to avoid the too long; didn’t read phenomenon of the internet you should keep to that limit. Here’s how to say what you really mean in such a short space. Why Keep It Brief First of all, why would you want to keep it brief? It seems like you’d want to send her a nice, long message that lets her know that you’ve read her profile. To a certain extent you do. “Hey, what’s up?” is a terrible icebreaker. If you send her five detailed paragraphs, however, you’re going to look weird. You don’t want to stray to the “too long; didn’t read” side, and you also don’t want to come on too strong. Very long opening messages make you seem like you’re desperate. Also, you’ll have covered so many topics in the course of this one long response that it would be difficult for her to pick out on specific thing to respond to. Overwhelm her, and you won’t get the message back you deserve. The Rule of Three For a well balanced message…

What to Do When She Won’t Stop Texting You

“Getting angry on your phone will not make any difference” Forget the two-day rule that dictates how long you should wait before you call a woman back – you gave your number to a woman and now she just will not stop texting you. Whether you’re in a dating relationship or you just want to hook up, a woman who doesn’t know when to quit texting you can be seriously annoying. The best way to resolve this issue is to resolve it quickly, but if you wait too long to call her out on her behavior you may have a big problem on your hands. Either way, there are a few ways to deal with a woman who texts you way too much. Be Firm from the Start If you notice a woman is spending way too much time texting you over the most inane details in her life, you need to call her on it as soon as possible. Bad habits are almost impossible to break if you let them settle. If a woman is texting you when she wakes up, when she leaves for work, when she’s having lunch, and every other moment of the day, do not let her get used to being able to do it.…

Unconventional Places to Meet Flings

While we highly recommend keeping most of your lady-meeting to online fling websites, there are a lot of places that you can end up meeting an amazing fling that you would have never expected. We’ve been there, done it all when it comes to meeting ladies, and you can meet some amazing women out there. It’s just a matter of knowing where to look when you least expect it, and trust us, these are some pretty unconventional places when it comes to finding a hot date that you end up in bed with at the end of it all. Cat Shows Okay, seriously, if you ever end up at a cat show and want something to do, try hitting on some of the ladies there. While they might be crazy cat ladies, that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to have some fun with an amazing man. They want to have a good time, even if they’re busy brushing out their enormous, fluffy Persian cat at the time. Hit on them, and see what happens. You might be surprised what will happen if you have a connection with them that really takes off. Anime Conventions Anime conventions are full of hot nerdy girls, and that means that you’re going to…

Tips for Dating a Woman If It’s Her First Relationship

“Make her feel special by giving her a rose” So you’ve finally met the perfect girl and you’ve come to find out she’s never dated anyone before. Your brain wonders immediately if there’s something wrong with her, but in reality it’s probably just that she’s known jerks her entire life and has been too busy to find someone with boyfriend material. If you want this relationship to work, it’s best to take a step back and give her some space to get comfortable with you. Dating is unfamiliar to her, so it’s important to keep in mind that everything means more to her and she is bound to react differently than women you’ve been with in the past. Asking Her Out You may or may not have covered this stage by the time you’re reading this blog. Chances are she will be one of two things if she’s never dated: Shy or Desperate. Both have their pros and cons. If she’s shy you’ll have to be careful to catch her attention often without intimidating her. Start a casual conversation over lunch if she’s a coworker, or make friendly remarks on your day if you’re a patron where she works. If you share mutual friends, now is a good time to…

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#5 Site: Xpress


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